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We here at Bluez Music Pharm specialize at fulfilling your musical needs and customer satisfaction, making sure your're happy with the best quality music to your liking on your phone, usb, hard drive, SD card or CD.
Bluez Music Pharm is also involved with the community as well, taking part at the Malton's got talent show, the Malton soccer team and encouraging youth to be positive, responsible, independent and to make sure they are on the right path to success for they are our future.

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Intrested In Tassa Lessons?

Interested in learning the arts of Tassa drumming? Here at Bluez music pharm, book a slot to learn the unique styles within Tassa drumming. It is undoubtably a major part of Trinidad and Tobago, if you have heritage from there, or just have interest in the devices, this is for you.  If you're ready to test it out, please contact us with the information located at the bottom of the page!

  • Importing and exporting of foreign instruments are available.  Asian, African, and European and more instruments can be found for sale. For more information and purchase options, please contact us through email or phone number (listed below). Shipping worldwide can be arranged.    

Preloaded MP3 Micro SD Card

No more using data ! All of your music is in your phone and ready to go anywhere you like. You can use your blue tooth and connect to your car, speakers or even plug in your headphones without having to use your data and go over it. Get your preloaded micro sd cards today and it will delivered

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Talana Blu Tassa Cru


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WESTWOOD SQUARE MALL, on the upper food court level, 2nd floor
Malton - Mississauga

(647) 205-1581